Hybrid Managed Services

You have in-house IT but still lack ressources?

No worries!

As major players in managed services in Quebec, HelpOX has around a hundred specialists who can complement your internal teams on an ad hoc basis. As a result, you benefit from all types of specialists when you need them most.

Increase your IT Productivity

In this formula, HelpOX will structure your department in collaboration with your internal resources giving them methodologies and support processes proven for more than 20 years. In addition, we will give you access to our advanced ticketing systems and complete technological management to structure your support, improve your visibility by keeping a constant evolution of services in mind.

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Understanding HelpOX Advantages

Internal Support

  • Limited Resource
    Limited resource
  • Limited Availability
    Limited availability
  • Best Effort
    Best effort
  • Standard Ticket Office
    Standard ticket office
  • Monthly Report
    Monthly report
  • Internal Management
    Internal management
  • Limited Delivery Capacity
    Limited delivery capacity


HelpOX Assited Support

  • Resources Available on Demand

    Resources available on demand
  • All Types of Specialties Available

    All types of specialties available
  • Best Practices

    Best pratiques
  • Advanced Ticketing

    Advanced ticketing
  • Real-time KPI and ROI

    Real-time KPI and ROI
  • Dedicated Manager (vCIO)

    Dedicated manager (vCIO)
  • Resource Optimization

    Resource optimization