Would you like to hire a person who would do the work of forty employees, who would bring with him all the equipment necessary for the proper functioning of your network (servers and workstations), with an annual salary that would cover all of your operating costs? You would like to find this rare pearl! Sorry to disappoint you, but this person does not exist, at least, not until now.


HelpOX offers, for a single monthly fee, complete computer equipment. Whether for servers, routers or all other types of products necessary for the proper functioning of your business, we have everything. In fact, we offer internet connection services, IP telephony, including specialists in real time support, management of accounts, vCIO¸ and all this, unlimited, and for a single monthly payment. This will bring a complete and unique management of your IT services; secured and optimized. Thus, you will get a better return on your investments suitable to your needs and your reality. You'll sleep soundly knowing that HelpOX takes care of the technological component of your business in a proactive and professional way.

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