Cloud / Hybrid Hyperconverged System

The Futur is Productivity

LEGACY servers (local installation) are no longer up to the task of meeting the needs of the current market. There are far too many risks associated with the maintenance, updates, monitoring and security of this type of installation. It is therefore important to turn to solutions that meet the needs of the market and that are accessible to all types of business without having to devote huge budgets to them. HelpOX therefore offers you its CloudOX solution that will meet your business protection, growth and productivity needs.

Canadian AllianceHelpOX

HelpOX, in partnership with HPE, is proud to offer a complete alliance of hyperconverged and duplicated cloud computing solutions on two Canadian SOC Type 2 certified data centers. Our priority is to offer redundant environments both at the infrastructure and Internet level at costs accessible to SMBs.

The Powerof RAIN + Raid HelpOX

These days, internal redundancy is no longer the main issue. We are now talking about full redundancy on hundreds of machines without performance degradation; this is the real issue that allows ultra-fast recovery in the event of a disaster. Several technologies exist on the market, but very few perform hardware accelerations combined with strictly SSD infrastructures thus unleashing the full potential of the power of hyperconverged hosting.

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HelpOX Advantage

Our platforms directly linked with Azure and Amazon will give you unprecedented latitude.

  • No support needed ON-SITE
  • Maximize RTO ‘’ return to operation ’’
  • Unification of technologies
  • Near immediate restoration in the event of a disaster
  • Complete and instantaneous backup in real time without slowing down databases
  • Re-hydration of more than 20TB in 60 seconds as needed
  • Complete hybrid infrastructure: Private / Azur / AWS
  • Growth Versatility "Scallability"
  • Many Possibilities