Cloud hosting

Why you need it?

These days, buying equipment locally is nonsense considering that power and versatility are now available at a fraction of the price of five years ago.

As identity theft, computer attacks, malware and the risk of viral infections continually increase, companies need to align their business plans, with master plans, to ensure instant succession in the event of a computer disaster.

The HelpOX Advantage

HelpOX, an accredited internet distributor (ISP), allows complete control of connections and traffic, through its fiber links, to Canadian data centers completely assembled in hyperconvergence, thus offering performance, security and agility beyond the current Canadian standards.

Made up of multiple highly qualified departments in IT, HelpOX provides expertise in fluid migration and constant maintenance of cloud infrastructures thus ensuring the operations of the company.

All companies can install virtual servers, but none of them can foresee the unforeseeable and ensure that each step is optimized as can HelpOX.

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