Who Are We

Together, we build long term relationships

HelpOX is a rapidly expanding, Quebec-based company that specializes in IT operational services, solutions, and in adapted technologies.

Ever since 1997, the business has been gaining experience in the IT field. Furthermore, it’s in 2011 that HelpOX’s name saw the light of day. Today the company employs more than 90 professionals within 4 branches in the province, which serve thousands of businesses across Canada.

HelpOX distinguishes itself in an ever-evolving industry by its commitment to integrity, IT security, including quality IT services and investments in research and continuing education. Consequently, HelpOX must be attentive to consumer and market needs in order to quickly adapt and improve the range of solutions offered. Therefore, to remain the IT standard, the company is always at the forefront of IT excellence.

Each customer is seen as a partner. Moreover, HelpOx prides itself on supporting its clients, so that they can focus on what’s important for their businesses; growth.

2022, let's celebrate our 10th anniversary !

Many thanks to our team, our partners and all our loyal customers for the past 10 years.
Stay tuned, many surprises are coming this year!

Éric Bigras


André Lajoie


Stronger Together! 

This is what our CEOs and COOs quickly understood when the company was created. HelpOX is the dream of two entrepreneurs from Lanaudière who wanted to challenge the status quo in the IT field. They decided to unite their technical and strategic forces in order to propel IT to another level. For several years now, the two businessmen have sought to offer a healthy work environment adapted to both their employees and their customers. Their business philiosophy remains very humane and they take everyone’s well-being to heart.  People come first!

Company Timeline


HelpOX joins the Alan Allman Associates ecosystem

APRIL 2019

Acquisition of Groupe Neotech


Acquisition of Niveau 3

JUNE 2017

Acquisition of OM Informatique


Acquisition of PC Fusion

JUNE 2016

Acquisition of CAMI INFO


Acquisition of OCI Informatique


Acquisition of GICL


Acquisition of PC LAN