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Make sure you have the right solution! HelpOX offers much more than a simple hyperconverged system. Over the years, we have perfected and adapted solutions that offer maximum performance gains. These solutions, which are usually only offered to large companies, are now available and accessible to Canadian SMEs through partners such as Azur and Amazon. With the HelpOX team, you are ensured personalized solutions adapted to your needs regardless of the technological situation in which you find yourself

Team up with a company that complements you! Our team is made up of more than 90 specialists who aim to offer IT solutions tailored to the needs of each client. It is important that every customer is satisfied with the services and solutions they use. Knowing that technology evolves rapidly, we make sure we have the necessary internal skills to solve various problems. We make sure we are up to date with technologies and we follow continuous training each year to improve our services and ensure unparalleled quality of service.

Do not wait for a critical situation to take action! Do you know the real difference between monthly technical support and managed IT services? The managed service that our team offers takes into account several important factors such as budget planning, quarterly analysis of your technologies, development of a business plan, technological operational management, proactive maintenance of your programs and systems, network rights monitoring and verification of network rights, backup restore testing and more.

Our goal is to offer you a complete IT managed service and sound technological management (TCO) of your business by being proactive and keeping you informed of what is best for you. As a result, you can focus on growing your business and your future plans.

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For more than 20 years, HelpOX has taken customer satisfaction to heart and has proven it every day by collecting comments from our customers to ensure quality service.

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