IT Managed Security

Reality of the Market

The past few years have shown us that no one is immune from a breach of security. There are hackers all over the world who are anxiously waiting to find a security breach and penetrate your computer systems … Therefore, it makes sense to ask the question: “When will a hacker strike?”. The evolution of security gives you protection to reduce security breaches in your systems – and even see them coming. It is therefore essential to have a state-of-the-art security system regardless of the field of business in which you are.

Safety is an essential aspect to integrate into your daily life!

The Plan: Logical Evolution

To assist Canadian SMB’s, HelpOX has set up a 3-step security plan that allows all companies to easily target their needs. Depending on the type of business you have, we can personalize and tailor your security to your needs while having a very solid foundation.

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The Secret... Assisted governance.

In the solutions offered, HelpOX implements “NIST” security framework support and several “dark web” penetration audit and verification services. Thus, we will talk about governance and comprehensive security support through proven technologies and processes. The IT security that HelpOX offers is much more than a simple IT solution!