Flexible VoIP

Why do you need it?

Increased Internet speeds and savings on monthly telecommunications bills are popular with businesses. Security, infrastructure and real cost are parameters that you must take into account to benefit from a gain in mobility, increased flexibility as well as a reduced bill.

The HelpOX Advantage

TelOX offers real savings for businesses. Switching to a telephone exchange operating on an IP network is therefore a strategic choice for the future. IP telephony allows users to keep their number on the go. You can work from home by displaying the office number! No more customer calls on your personal cell phone outside of office hours when customers panic!With an array of interesting and practical functions: call recording, telephone call forwarding, sending voice messages to email, bridging lines between different branches, call statistics for incoming and outgoing calls, fax integration with email reception, cellular phone forwarding with or without a schedule and much more!

Our goal is to help you getthe mostfrom your phone system.



Phone Messages

by Email

Forwarding Calls

to Cellular Phone

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